Protein Synthesis Lab

Mostly ribosome function and related events

Protein Synthesis

This section of my lab is focused on how protein synthesis in bacteria is quality controlled. Large RNA/protein machines called ribosomes are responsible for decoding genetic information and making all of the proteins and enzymes that all cells need to survive and grow. The model bacterium E. coli is used for much of this work because it is a very well characterized life form. An intriguing aspect of this work relates to how ribosomes are assembled quickly and how they interact with each other as they interpret genetic information.

We are lucky to have talented people to work on these projects, including many undergraduate & graduate students. Some folks heading up current projects include:

Angela Smith, postdoc – ribosome behavior

Robert Wingo, graduate – RNA helicase

Andrew Kettring, graduate – biomass accumulation and AIM

Michael Costello, technician – ribosome extraction and quality

Corey Seavy, graduate, microbial diversity and AIM