Applied Industrial Microbiology (AIM)


The Program

The AIM program was created by the Burnett School of Biomedical Sciences to provide applied research opportunities to students so they can refine their molecular microbiology skills while they improve our community. The program includes a dedicated lab and a research course that builds on basic skills learned by Biomedical Sciences and Biotechnology majors. Our goal is to foster interdisciplinary career paths by providing a unique talent and resource pool that is typically inaccessible to our industrial partners.

The Consortium

An AIM consortium was recently developed that links UCF researchers in Biomedical Science, Engineering, Computer Science, Chemistry, and Hospitality Management. This consortium also includes business partners who work with us to identify industrial problems and opportunities that can benefit from the application of advanced molecular biology techniques.

The Projects

  • Identifying microbes that produce novel bioactive compounds;
  • Evolving bacteria that resist centrifugal force;
  • Improving craft beer production and stability;
  • Characterizing microbial biofilms in industrial systems;
  • Identifying microbial communities that improve drinking and wastewater; and,
  • Screening for foodborne pathogens.

The Lab

AIM has a dedicated “sandbox” lab on UCF’s main campus that contains resources for fermenting various foods, microbial cultivation, electronics prototyping, and molecular biology. The AIM lab also enables undergraduate and graduate students from unrelated disciplines to apply molecular microbiology to their research projects.

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