The Moore Lab at UCF

Bug Guts, No Glory - The Molecular Microbiology of Bacteria and Yeast

Our Research

My lab focuses on microbial metabolism – how bacteria and yeasts change their biochemistry to adapt to new environments and to interact with each other.

Protein Synthesis Lab

Much of our research has focused on the model organism E. coli and the mechanisms it uses to control the quality of protein synthesis. Because many antibiotics target protein synthesis, the goal of this this work is to improve the medical community’s ability to cure infections. These projects and people are discussed in more detail here.

Applied Industrial Microbiology (AIM)

We have recently been expanding this research to explore how complex microbial communities impact a variety of industrial and health-related systems. Because microbes are rarely found in isolation, these newer research projects provide exciting experimental platforms to understand how microbes communicate with each other and how they work collectively to survive in harsh environments. These projects are described here.

Who We Are

The Moore lab is a member of the Molecular Microbiology Division of the Burnett School of Biomedical Sciences, which is a research unit within the College of Medicine . The lab is located on the main campus of the University of Central Florida.

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